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We will organize a flight to anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world, we will select the suitable aircraft and ensure maximum reliability and comfort
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Private jet leasing is
VIP service and positive emotions from the flight
We will help you to choose an aircraft for the most comfortable flight: individual in-flight meals, mini-bar, comfortable seats and a salon, caring and unobtrusive service from cabin crew
Flexibility and accuracy of the schedule
Мы организуем вам рейс в нужную дату и нужное время, без очередей на посадку и высадку. Отдельные терминалы, ускоренное прохождение таможенных процедур сэкономит драгоценное время
Transfer and related services
We will organize the most comfortable transfer by business and executive class cars.

Additionally, at the request of the client: visa processing, accommodation in a hotel and apartments - everything will be of the highest quality.
We work and organize flights within 24 hours
We guarantee confidentiality
We work only with reliable and trusted suppliers
We will manage the processing of all documents and papers
Planes undergo regular maintenance and are insured
Personal manager 24/7
The cost of flights for private jet leasing consists of many components, including:
type, class, model of the aircraft
flight distance and distance from the landing site
flight dates
customer expectations
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A personal manager will calculate the cost of a charter flight in the shortest possible time
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